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See you at the Sherborne Country Fair!

Coming to a Country Fair Near You.

How are your new years resolutions of healthy eating, regular exercise and a positive mental attitude going? If, like me, your good intentions have been thwarted by the Easter holidays, bad weather and family birthdays then you might need to review where you’re at now.

A lot of articles at this time of year focus on being beach ready. Are you beach ready? Well I’ve just packed my thermals away but what are we looking at under those thermals…Are you cave dwelling white and have you neglected your muscle mass in favour of watching the winter Olympics with a nice cup of tea and a Twix. Other chocolate bars are available.

It can feel over whelming and difficult to know where to start with fitness but life is so much better when we are fit and healthy. We can feel a little nervous about taking that first step into a gym or signing up for that Zumba class that we so want to do.

We know that a Mediterranean diet and regular exercise will be good for us but how do you actually begin and stay motivated?

Once you have found what you’re going to do, you may need some help. Research shows that working out with a friend or attending classes makes you more likely to keep it up. Certainly gyms will try to help with this as we did in April with our refer a friend scheme but as we nudge into Spring if you haven’t got your plan for fitness ready yet, perhaps you need a helping hand and that’s where gym outreach can help. A good gym can be a healthy heart of the community keeping people fit, yes, but also nurturing the social aspect of our communities as a hub for people to meet and share experiences. I think people are often surprised at how a good gym can feel so much like a second home and family once you get into the swing of things, start to make connections and begin to motivate and support each other within classes. Still you have to take that first step, and when you do you’ll be rewarded with the support system that can help to keep you motivated.

To help with this Oxley Sports Centre will be at the Sherborne Castle Country Fair on Bank Holiday Monday 28th May and it’s a great chance to come and talk to us. We’ll have offers, free goodies, class and swim vouchers to give away and we’ll even have a chance to try some of our gym equipment. There’ll be nutritional resources and you’ll be able to have a go at power hoops and kettle bells so come along and have a go.

This year we will even be entering a team in the Dragon Boat Racing, which we are very excited about!

We’d love to see you and show you how much fun getting fit can be. Look forward to seeing you there.

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