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Mind and Body 

Mind and body are the type of classes that utilizes slow controlled movements to aid stretching, core stability, relaxation and a re-balancing of muscles in the body

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Pilates - Pilates targets the deep postural muscles by building muscular strength to help re balance the body. Pilates is a great class for strengthening muscles and for keeping flexible. Any age or fitness level will feel the benefits of Pilates.

Yoga - A form of exercise that uses slow movements and stretching. Perfect for anyone of any age or fitness looking to increase balance and flexibility.

Men That Stretch 
- A men's only yoga class running every Monday evening to improve balance and flexibility.

Supple Strength - Tai Chi, yoga and pilates all in one whole body workout. Guarenteed to improve cardiovascualr and muscualr endurance as well as flexibilty.

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