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We are a busy centre with lots of different activities happening on most days. We try to offer a wide range so that all tastes and abilities can be catered for.

Being a full member has many benefits including access to our recently renovated gym, early access to class bookings, and members' swimming session. If you wanted something more flexible we can offer the drop in convenience of pay as you go use.

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Membership Questionnaire Results 2024

We would like to thank all those who took the time to complete our recent members survey, this has provided us with some helpful feedback that we will be able to provide positive actions for and improve your experience as a member of Oxley Sports Centre.

Who completed the survey?



Age of those who completed the survey

How long have you been a member?







Do you use the Swimming Pool?

















How frequently do you use the pool?




















Do you use the Fitness Suite?





















How frequently do you use the Fitness Suite?




















How would you rate the provision of equipment in the Fitness Suite, with 1 star being poor and 5 stars being excellent?
























Do you attend Fitness Classes at the Centre?




















Please indicate your agreement with the following aspects related to the fitness class provision
















Please consider the following aspects which are part of the Centre offering for membership. Please give each a score to indicate the importance of these aspects to you.
















Please rate your satisfaction of the following:

























Below we have compiled a short list of some of the most common responses in the survey, as well as the actions we have already taken to enhance the service we provide to our members.


1: The Centre Requires Deeper Cleaning.

At Oxley we take the cleanliness of the Centre very seriously and always aim to provide a clean, hygienic and well-presented environment for our members. It has however been noted that the cleanliness of the centre has begun to deteriorate in recent months. To combat this Oxley has now hired a team of professional cleaners, this addition to the team will ensure that cleaning tasks are kept on top of, as well as giving our current team more time to focus on deeper cleaning tasks.

2: Booking Times Becoming Available at Unsociable Hours.

Previously our booking times went live at 00:00 seven days before the activity takes place.  It was noted by many of you that it was not ideal having to stay awake until midnight to secure a place in a desired class. We attempted to improve this by amending this time to match our opening hours, this was also unsuccessful as many of you deemed it too early in the morning to have to get up to secure a booking. We have now made the decision to make bookings available at 21:00 eight days prior to the activity taking place, we hope that members find this a much more convenient time to make their bookings.

3: Limited Space in Ladies Lifting

With the ever-growing popularity of strength training, we knew our ladies lifting classes would be popular, and they have proven to be so. We have also had feedback requesting we introduce a similar class that men can attend. With this feedback in mind, we have introduced two more lifting classes. One of these classes will be mixed to create more opportunities for all our members to benefit from our instructor's expertise and learn more about strength training, and the other will be aimed at men.

4: Coffee pod seating

Our coffee pod seating area has now been enhanced; the provision of bench seating has created a more comfortable environment for our customers to enjoy all the coffee pod has to offer.

5: Pickleball

Pickleball is a sport that has been requested more often in recent months, we have now purchased our first pickleball net so that we can provide this as an activity that both our members and the public can make use of. Rackets and balls are also available to hire.

Currently we only have one net, if the demand proves to be high Oxley will look to further invest in the sport.

6: Booking, Cancelations and No-Show Policy

Many of you felt that due to the popularity of our classes that it was important to ensure that there were not any no shows to the class, when someone does not turn up without cancelling their place this prevents someone else from being able to make use of that space. You also felt that there should be financial consequences when people fail to show up for classes. We have now updated out policies to reflect this, the updated policy can be found here

7: Online booking guide

Our new booking system has been live since early 2024. This is a much more user-friendly and streamlined system that we feel is a significant improvement over the old system.

We have emailed all our members a complete guide on how to use the system so that members can learn how to make the best use of it. Please note that our helpful reception staff are also available to assist you if required.

8: Junior Gym is Now a Shared Space

Junior gym times have always fallen on times that are convenient for our junior members to attend after they finish school, in the past these sessions were limited to just our junior members which made the fitness suite timetable more restrictive for the rest of our members. This is no longer the case, now some of our junior gym times are a shared space allowing all members to use the fitness suite. We hope this will provide more availability during our peak times.

9: Disabled Changing Facilities

Our current poolside disabled changing area had begun to look tired, to combat this we have relayed the flooring and have planned to complete a full refurbishment in the coming Weeks.

10: Fitness suite air conditioning

As we begin to enter the summer months it has been noted that the fitness suite’s temperature is on the higher side, the fitness suite has fully functional air conditioning that will be in use throughout summer to give the members a comfortable environment to train in.

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Membership Offers

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Refer a Friend Offer 


  • The offer only applies to new members or previous members who have been inactive for at least three months. 

  • Referred clients do not have to pay any joining fee when signing up for their membership. 

  • There is no limit on the number of people you can refer while the offer is active. 

  • Only members who have been current for at least one full month can refer a friend. 

  • Only people who have been for referred will be able to redeem the 7 days along with the free fitness suite induction. 

  • To receive your free month for referring a friend, your referral must remain a current member for a minimum of two calendar months. After they have been a member for the minimum stated time, you will be notified, and your free month will be applied to your current subscription for the following month. If you have a fixed term subscription you will be allocated an extra month onto your current subscription. 

  • This offer only applies to memberships taken out with a direct debit and fixed term memberships exceeding 3 months. 

If you wish to make a complaint, a copy of our complaints procedure can be requested from our reception team.

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