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We are a busy centre with lots of different activities happening on most days. We try to offer a wide range so that all tastes and abilities can be catered for.

Being a full member has many benefits including access to our recently renovated gym, early access to class bookings, and members' swimming session. If you wanted something more flexible we can offer the drop in convenience of pay as you go use.

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Refer a Friend Offer 


  • The offer only applies to new members or previous members who have been inactive for at least three months. 

  • Referred clients do not have to pay any joining fee when signing up for their membership. 

  • There is no limit on the number of people you can refer while the offer is active. 

  • Only members who have been current for at least one full month can refer a friend. 

  • Only people who have been for referred will be able to redeem the 7 days along with the free fitness suite induction. 

  • To receive your free month for referring a friend, your referral must remain a current member for a minimum of two calendar months. After they have been a member for the minimum stated time, you will be notified, and your free month will be applied to your current subscription for the following month. If you have a fixed term subscription you will be allocated an extra month onto your current subscription. 

  • This offer only applies to memberships taken out with a direct debit and fixed term memberships exceeding 3 months. 

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