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Personal Training
and Fitness Coaching

Do you need more motivation when in the gym?


Our fully qualified Personal Trainers are more than happy

to help. You will receive a free consultation to find out

exactly what you want to get out of the sessions. Whether

you are training for a marathon, trying to lose some

weight, or just keeping fit.

You Will Receive:

• Health MOT Assessment

• Qualified Personal Trainer

• Motivated Workouts

• Continual Feedback

• Programme Creation & Monitoring

• Health & Fitness Advice

• REPS Level 3 Qualified Instructor

• Nutritional Diet Planning

• Sport Specific Exercise Programmes


Personal Training.png


NOTE: Personal training will always be provided by a REPS level 3 instructor who holds a Personal Training qualification. In order to take advantage of Personal Training services you must be a current Member of the Centre or a Access Card. 

If you are interested in Personal Training call reception on 01935 818270 or email the Fitness Manager Dean Martin and he'll do his best to find a personal trainer that suits you and your schedule.

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