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Water-Based Classes


Exercising in water greatly reduces impact on joints and bones which can strengthen, protect and support you, minimising joint problems and injuries. Water also helps provide a great natural resistance meaning that without even using weights you can tone and lose weight at the same time.

These classes are included in both our Aqua and Active Memberships.

Aqua Aerobics - A low impact aerobic exercise in the pool to help sculpt, tone and improve general fitness.

Adult Swim Lessons Our adult lessons are a group class suitable for any ability, whether you're a complete beginner, looking to improve your technique or preparing for a competitive swim event. It runs every Friday from 10.15 - 11.15.

MastersMonday nights from 20:00-21:00. Allows you to work on your technique and increase your fitness. Is suitable for those who can swim at least 16 lengths and may be looking to swim competitively.

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