Fitness Suite

The Fitness Suite has been renovated!

 Our Fitness Suite has had:

  • The gym/zone wall removed to increase space

  • A fresh coat of paint bringing a new and uplifting vibe

  • Logo's frosting on the windows between the gym and sports hall.

 Due to the strikes at the ports, our new equipment has been unavoidably delayed. We are currently looking at an     installation   date on the 20th September. The new equipment will include:

  • Brand new CV equipment 

  • Brand new resistance equipment 

 Current equipment available in the gym:

  • Rowing machines

  • Watt Bikes

  • Ski Erg

  • Assault Bike

  • Free Weights

  • Half Racks on Platforms

  • Fitness Rig

  • Squat Racks

All customers will need to have an induction on the new equipment, and you will be able to book your induction from the 21st September 2022. All inductions will be in a group of up to 6 people. 


























At Oxley we have a modern gym with easy to use equipment. Our gym is supervised by qualified instructors who are here to help you achieve your fitness goals. We do our best to keep up to date with the latest fitness releases and qualifications to have the best knowledge possible to help you.


       Induction Process

  • Stage 1 Induction (45min-1hour) - A thorough induction onto all our equipment with one of our fitness instructors. Suitable for those who have never used gyms or haven't visited a gym for an extended period of time. A detailed health questionnaire will be filled in with an instructor to help us understand your current state of fitness and set your personal goals. You will also have a blood pressure reading taken. If desired, the instructor can create a program individually tailored to your needs.

  • Fast Track Induction (45 min) - A quicker run through of how to use our equipment, suitable for those that have used gyms before/regularly use gyms. Our instructor will confirm your understanding of the machines and, if desired, create a program individually tailored to your needs.


      Please Note: When you have your initial induction your blood pressure will be taken. If you are on medication for                         blood pressure it would be helpful if you could bring a signed note from your GP to explain the condition and confirm that         it is safe for you to proceed with a new fitness regime. Should you have undetected high blood pressure that is discovered         at the time of induction we will be obliged for your own safety to halt proceedings and recommend you make an                           appointment with your doctor for a full check up. If this should happen we would give you a form for your doctor to fill and       sign and you can then bring this back to us.

       Reviews and Monitoring Services

  • Gym Review (45 min)  - Members can book in for two reviews after their initial induction. During these sessions we reflect back to your original goals and adapt your regime to keep you on track. The last review is a free Personal Training taster session (45 min). If more in depth help is needed, we would recommend personal training sessions to help.

  • Health M.O.T (30 min) - Your initial health MOT is free and includes weight, Blood pressure, measurements and a composition analysis (body stat) reading. This gives us detailed readings relating directly to your health and allows us to continue your progression towards optimal health. Further health MOT's are priced at £5

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Our fitness team are always trying to find new ways to reach out and help our customers, we have even created a couple of YouTube videos . These will hopefully give you new things to try, as well as bringing you a preview of our own personal workouts too.  Visit our YouTube page to check them out.