Swimming Pool

If you are a non member and would like to swim, we will need you to complete the form below and send it to osc_info@sherborne.com so we can send you a PIN number to our online booking system which will allow you to book your sessions. Due to our access control system for the changing rooms, all swimmers will need to purchase a card for £5 which is a one off payment. Non members can now book the day before.


Our swimming pool can cater for all needs, from beginners all the way up to swimmers who compete in national competitions. The swimming pool is 25m long and holds 6 lanes, the deep end is 2m deep so we are able to have diving blocks put in place for organised races.


We have regular sessions for members and also open up to the public at various times of the day.


We run galas and events for schools and swimming clubs throughout the year, if this is something you would be interested in please contact our Deputy Manager Gemma Hesketh.

Adult Lessons

The sessions take place between 10:15-11:15 on Tuesdays. The cost £9.00 per one hour session. Adults can buy a block of twelve lessons for the price of ten at £90 meaning that you will receive two lessons free.


Masters Swim

Masters Swim includes technique correction and fitness training for advanced swimmers and triathletes. You must be able to comfortably swim 400m (16 lengths) to attend. It takes place between 20:00-21:00 on a Monday evening and costs £5.00 or is free to members.


1-to-1 Lessons

1-to-1 lessons are available for both children and adults alike. A 30 minute lessons costs £22.50. Contact 

Heather Crewe to express interest. Block booking is also available for one to one lessons with a discount available.