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We offer a wide range of different group exercise classes. These include Indoor Cycling, Aqua, Kettlebells and many more. 


There is a class for all fitness levels and all tastes at Oxley Sports Centre. All of our classes are taught by a professionally trained instructor who will aide and help you whether you've never done exercise before or whether you're doing the class for the hundredth time.


For more information on all our different classes and the the instructors who teach them click on the links below.

Our class timetable can be found on the home page of our website.

Our strength and conditioning classes are ideal for people who want to add some lean muscle, lose weight and will leave you feeling refreshed and feeling good about yourself.

Mind and body are the type of classes that utilizes slow controlled movements to aid stretching, core stability, relaxation and a re-balancing of muscles in the body.

Exercising in water can strengthen, protect and support you, minimising joint problems and injuries, and also helps provide a great natural resistance.

Our instructor led dance classes use various types of dance to make getting fit more fun and enjoyable than just endless running on a treadmill.

Our toning classes are perfect for anyone looking to lose that last bit of body fat as well as helping to tone up the whole body leading to a fitter and healthier body.

Our instructor led studio cycling classes are some of the most popular classes we have due to the high number of calories you burn and the motivation that comes with pushing yourself harder and faster.

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