Studio Cycling


Check out our studio cycling zone. It features the Matrix IC7 coach by colour bikes. The bikes adjust to each individual to create a personalized and effective workout for everyone. Whether you cycle everyday of the week or have never sat on a bike, these bikes are accessible and provide a workout like no other.


ICG’s Coach By Color® training system, delivers real-time, color-coded feedback to the user. The Coach By Color has five training zones: white, blue, green, yellow and red. These zones are personalized to each individual depending on their FTW (functional threshold wattage). By entering a few personal details such as gender, weight and hours of cardio activity a week the bike can estimate your FTW for you. This however is purely an estimation, the most accurate way of finding out your FTW is by doing a ramp test on the bikes. You can book in a review with an instructor to guide you through your test to find your own FTW but if you can't wait to find out, head to the gym where we have a spare bike that you can use to find your own score.


The colours are there to motivate and enhance your cycling experience. The results of your training can be stored on your own ICG training app which can be downloaded here: ICG App


If you need any more information watch our tutorial below: