Strength and Conditioning


Our strength and conditioning classes are ideal for people who want to add some lean muscle, lose weight and will leave you feeling refreshed and feeling good about yourself. We have lots of different types of Strength & Conditioning classes, ranging from classes that use your own bodyweight to ones that use weights and other equipment to assist you.

Boxercise - A class based around boxing and the exercises boxers use to keep fit. A fun class that will leave you fighting fit and also lets you take out some aggression on some pads.

HIIT - A session of high intensity intervals to obtain optimal calorie burn. Classes can include plyometrics, resistance bands, TRX and more.


Kettlebells - Expect to condition, tone and strengthen your whole body in this circuit based class. Perfect for beginners looking to use kettle bells for the first time or more experienced kettle bell users who want to learn more exercises and take their training to the next level.

Bootcamp - Push yourself through intervals of training to get optimal calorie burn, incorporating plyometric work.