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Our strength and conditioning classes are ideal for people who want to add some lean muscle, lose weight and will leave you feeling refreshed and feeling good about yourself. We have lots of different types of Strength & Conditioning classes, ranging from classes that use your own bodyweight to ones that use weights and other equipment to assist you.


Strength and Conditioning

Pump Fit - Pump Fit is a barbellbased, resistance workout that's specifically designed to help you get toned, lean and fit. During this class you'll target all of you major muscle groups (as we squat, lift, press and curl)


Kettlebells - Expect to condition, tone and strengthen your whole body in this circuit based class. Perfect for beginners looking to use kettle bells for the first time or more experienced kettle bell users who want to learn more exercises and take their training to the next level.

Bootcamp - Push yourself through intervals of training to get optimal calorie burn, incorporating plyometric work. 

Ladies Lifting - Looking for a way to improve your gym experience and connect with other like minded women? Join our Ladies Lifting Club! Learn to use a range of free weights from dumbbells to kettlebells. This class is suitable for those new to the gym and long-time users with introductory instruction on dumbbells, kettlebells, squat racks and more.


Circuits - A circuits based class focusing on strength and conditioning. A mixture of body weight work, resistance exercises, core and cardiovascular exercise to suit all abilities

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