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Hula Yourself Fit

Hula yourself fit

We all know that we should do exercise to stay fit and healthy. It is sometimes difficult though to stay motivated to go to that class or take that walk when the weather’s not so good or you’re feeling slightly off kilter. The best type of exercise then is the one which makes you happy and that you will keep on attending no matter what.

Dance and movement has come out well in research recently as one of the best exercises for us, especially for women because as well as building bone and muscle strength which may help with osteoperosis, helping to lose weight and combating stress it’s also a lot of fun so has a social benefit too and may have a high happiness rating to boot!

We know about Zumba, a high octane latin American, dance party which helps you lose weight and have a lot of fun whilst getting fit. But we don’t know so much about Powerhoop classes. In fact we don’t even know what it is. Is it something that you plug in and shouldn’t be mixed with water or is it something that propels you across the dance floor in a vortex and leaves you with a twitch to rival Inspector Clouseaus’ boss in the Pink Panther?

Well I’m glad to say it’s neither, powerhoop is a popular group exercise class that incorporates hula hooping within a dance routine to music. The hoop itself is weighted and padded to help trim and tone your waist and hips. It’s beneficial to your core muscles and a lot of fun too bringing back childhood memories and making you smile. There’s lots of information on Power Hoop and it’s benefits at and it’s worth having a look at if you are interested.

One of the reasons for not trying Powerehoop could be worry that you’re not particularly coordinated or that you might not be able to keep up with steps but don’t worry there are beginners classes to join and instructors are relaxed and encouraging. As one of our members said “I always go the wrong way but I come out feeling amazing”. So come on give something new a go, you never know, you might come out feeling amazing too.

If you’d like to give beginners Powerhoop you can go to or go to our website on and click on class timetable

This article was published in the March edition of the Conduit 2018

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