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Rock Star Health

Rock Star Health

We all want rock star health don’t we? When I say rock star I mean the body to wow on the red carpet, the fitness to run with our children like wild horses across fields without fear of injury or having to stop for breath and the well being and happiness that comes from released and prolific endorphins whizzing around our body making us feel good, even when the sun is being shy and hiding behind a cloud.

The thing about rock stars is, as we tell ourselves, they have the time to keep fit, the money to have personal trainers and probably a chef to cater to their every need. While this may be true to an extent we often follow this up with something like, It’s not so easy for me because……and then we list our business from dawn to dusk and limitations. I’ve usually zoned out by this point to be honest but as the excuses come, most people don’t realize that the real difference between rock stars and ourselves is that they are out there doing it, making time, investing their money wisely in their health and fitness, whilst we sit at home complaining and then wonder why when we woke up this morning we couldn’t turn our neck in one direction, have to invest £25 - £30 per session at the chiropractor just to get back to full neck movement in five to ten sessions. The reality is that we could get ahead of the curve and invest our money just once and wisely to prevent injury, rather than paying to have to put an injury right.

The reality is that we can all chose to have rock star health if we want to. Our health is our responsibility and that is becoming more and more evident as the burgeoning NHS begs us “Don’t get ill”. Whilst we know that, that is an extreme and unrealistic example, we can definitely reduce our risk of serious illness as we get older by embedding exercise into our daily routine.

Essentially we all know that we can make time for exercise if we chose, we can go to bed earlier and get up earlier to make time for a run or we can chose to walk to school instead of drive. Regarding having the money for a personal trainer, well it’s all about priorities. Many people would think nothing of spending £25 to go out for the evening but would bulk about spending that to ask an expert personal trainer how to retain fitness long term. We wouldn’t think twice about getting a mechanic to look at our cars and maintain them, so why don’t we bother about expert nutritional and fitness advice from professionals to maintain the most important piece of kit that we own, our health and bodies without which we would be sunk?!

Things have changed so much over the years and whilst in the seventies an easy walk with floor grazing flares humming Fleetwood Mac was, sufficient. Now it seems, we need to do a little more to get our heart rate up to do something to create load baring exercise for your body. Bin those flares, because they are going to be a trip hazard at speed!

Most gyms will offer personal training. You can go for one session to see if you like it or buy a block, which does make it more cost effective in the long run. Some people buy a block of ten to educate themselves on what will work for them and how to perform exercise correctly and then build this into their lifestyle themselves afterwards.

Others love having someone there to motivate them each week and keep them on track. Personal trainers will also visit you where you are and take you for a jog, check your body statistics, nutrition and recommend foods that will help to control weight and benefit your health and fitness and create an exercise programme tailored just for you. So just one block of ten sessions could help you embed healthy lifestyle changes for you for a lifetime.

The thing is, we all need a little help to understand what we need to achieve health and happiness and sometimes an investment in ourselves makes it easier to look after those we love into the future. Not to mention that it is much more fun running through fields than standing breathless by gates!

My last word… want to have rock star health, it’s yours for the taking.

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