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The Shape up Challenge 

Initial Consultation

 If you’d like to join the eight week Shape Up Challenge, you will need to book an initial consultation at reception with any fitness instructor. The challenge is free and open to full members only.

If you’d like to include nutritional information you will need to download our free food diary on the button above and complete this for a week before your initial consultation so that our fitness team can help with nutrition at the time of appointment.

Before the consultation you should not drink coffee or alcohol, eat for four to five hours before, or exercise for twelve hours before. Any of the above will result in incorrect readings. Do stay hydrated though and water is the best way forward for this.

You will then be ready to have your health MOT with the Body Stat Machine. Other measurements will be taken at this time, such as height, waist, hips, bust or anything else that you feel is important. Other elements will be taken into account at this stage such as your weight and age.

The Body Composition Form will be then yours to keep for your records. Your initial consultation will last for an hour.

All Shape Up Challengers must be prepared to use the facilities for the full eight weeks, at least twice per week.


Instructors will make appointments for you every two weeks with you directly to see how you are getting on.

Reception can also do this for you.

These reviews are just half an hour long and will give you the opportunity to talk about any concerns you have, include a weigh in and measurements as well as reflecting on progress made, and ways to continue to make improvements through modifying your program.

Please Note: That when you have your initial consultation your blood pressure will be taken. If you are on medication for blood pressure it would be helpful if you could bring a note from your GP to explain the condition and confirm that it is safe for you to proceed with a new fitness regime. Should you have undetected high blood pressure that is discovered at the time of consultation we will be obliged for your own safety to halt proceedings and recommend you make an appointment with your doctor for a full check up. If this should happen we would give you a form for your doctor to fill and sign and you can then bring this back to us.

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