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Swim Academy

Swim Academy is run over 2 days during the school

holidays.  We have 3 hours of swimming each day

spilt between morning and afternoon. The morning

session in the pool will incorporate stamina building,

speed work and working on stroke technique. In the

afternoon we work on skill based swimming including

diving, tumbles, team games, racing to name but a few.


The young people will be put in teams when they arrive

and will work within their team towards gaining points

though out the day. Although it is competitive, it is also a

lot of fun and the teams are split in a mixture of ages and

skills so that all can participate and build on the skills

they have.


We also run a swimming based quiz for the young people

to show off their knowledge of swimming strokes, within

a fun environment and again working as a team. We run Swim Academy three times a year.

Lunch is included in the price and sweatshirts or t-shirts can be purchased at an additional cost. 

For further assistance, please contact Heather Crewe.


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