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Yoga with Georgie

Georgie will be running Yoga classes via Zoom. Please see her website for more details.



Yoga Flow with Sarah


Sarah will be running three 60 minute sessions per week via Zoom


Monday 10am to 11am Vinyasa Flow

Register in advance for this class:




Wednesday 8am to 9am Wake Up Vinyasa Flow 

Register in advance for this class: https://us04web.zoom.us/meeting/register/uJAkcu-grDwjyaO440LEC5m7wKqqln1nyw



Friday 10am to 11am Vinyasa Flow 

Register in advance for this class: https://us04web.zoom.us/meeting/register/upMuf-morDwjDaem3Dmxjr2xnCFdFk0baQ



After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Yoga session.


Please arrive on your mat a little before the session starts there will be a short time to chat then I will mute all attendees for the duration of the session. Again at the end of the practice/ savasana there will be a short time where I will unmute attendees and we can all chat. 


You will need a yoga mat/ towel or carpet is fine. 

Optional props - A blanket and perhaps an eye mask for savasana. A yoga strap/ tie or a dressing gown belt will do. If you have a block or a sturdy book nearby that can be useful too. All these props are optional and it’s totally up to how dynamically or gently you take your practice. 

£5 per session.









Useful Links


Boost your physcial, mental and emotional well-being with the Myzone Moves live workouts. The classes can be found on the Myzonemoves Fcebook and Instagram pages. Each workout will take place at 9.30am. 



Les Mills on Demand is offering a 30-day free trial. Experience unlimited access to the platform with more than 800 workouts available for you. 


Join Rachel Lawrence with a wide range of free Pilates classes to inspire, inform and challenge.


A set of fun, 10-minute workouts intended to easily fit into your day that help get you stretching and moving at home.


A simple and easy home workout for you all to try featuring Ellie and Buddy the cockapoo...

- 30 secs on 30 seconds off
- 3 times through
- Jumping Squats
- Press Ups
- Spilt squat (swap half way through)
- Running up the stairs, jog down
- Tricep dips to finish

Great outdoor workout for you to try. All you need is a bench and a wall.

- 6 rounds

- 10 reps of each exercise

- Spilt Squat (10 on each leg)

- Bench Jumps

- Jumping Jacks

- 40 Second Wall Sit

Quick and simple workout for you to try at home.


- 5 rounds, 30 seconds rest between each exercise
- 12 x jumping squats
- 20 x press ups
- 20 x mountain climbers
- 30 second side plank (each side

A great workout for those of you who swim...

- 3 times through
- 1 minute plank
- 1 minute superman
- 1 minute glute flutter kicks
- 1 minute band pull backs
- 30 secs each arm Tricep extension


For this workout, all you need is a rucksack with a suitable filling for your desired weight...

- 4 rounds, 35 seconds work with 10 seconds rest

35 second rest between each round

- Front Squats

- Jump Over Burpees

- Reverse Lunges

- Russian Twists

- Over Head Tucks


Grab a partner for this ab blaster...

Ensure the core is engaged at all times!

- 4 rounds
- Pat-A-Cake Sit Ups x 10
- Connected bicycle crunches x 20
- Extended arm plank x 20
- Leg throws x 12 (per person)
- Over head ball passes x 12

For this workout, all you need is your sofa and a timer

- 30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest
- Tricep Dips
- Squats
- Incline shoulder taps
- Get ups


Core workout with Kate

- 10 to 12 reps

- 4 rounds

- Overhead Lunge

- Off Balance Knee Raises

- Plank Pull Through

- Russian Twists


Try this great HIIT workout...

- 4 rounds

- 40 seconds work, 15 seconds rest

- 1/2 burpee

- Forward jump squat

- Bear crawls

- Plank


Kettlebells with Hector

- 60 seconds rest after each round

- 3 rounds on each side

- Single arm swings x 10

- Dead snatch x 5

- Shoulder press x 5

- Squats x 10



Grab a football and give this workout a go...

- 5 rounds

- 60 seconds rest after each round

-Press ups

- Mountain cimbers

- V-ups

- Russian twist and throw

- Lunge and twist



Burpee Blitz with Rossi...

- 30 mountain climbers

- 10 burpees


Keep repeating this and taken 1 of the burpees each time so you finish on 30 mountain climbers, 1 burpee.



Press Up Challenge

How many rounds can you complete in 8 minutes?

Add one rep every round...




Simple Pilates


- 60 seconds for each exercise, 30 seconds rest 

- Heel raises

- Arm flows with heel raises

- Slow squats with arms

- Leg lift with toe tap

- Roll down

- Single leg extension

- Walk outs into plank

- Straight leg lifts

- Glute clams

Swimming Land Workout

- 60 seconds work, 30 seconds rest

- Roll downs into plank

- Banded shoulder rotations

- Single leg plank (change sides)

- Press ups

- Full swimmers

- Streamline slow crunches





Every minute, on the minute with Hector

- 10 squats

- 10 reverse lunges ( 5 each leg)

- 20 high knees


How many rounds can you complete?


Can Workout with Kate

- Grab some tins from your kitchen cupboards

- 15 reps

- 6 rounds

- bicep curls

- skull crushers

- chest press

- glute bridge


Plank Variations 

- Superman plank (10 reps)

- Side plank dip (5 each side)

- Plank with toe taps (10 reps)

- 60 seconds rest between sets

- Aim for at least 3 sets



Bottle Workout

- Bottle of your choice

- Timer & Step

- Pull throughs x 12

- Alternating lunges x 12

- RDL's (romanian dead lifts) x 12

- Quickfeet step ups for 30 seconds




Circuits with Hector

- Ski jumps

- 2 x press up, 10 x mountain climbers

- Burpee jump jack

- Plank rotations


- 30 seconds work

- 15 seconds rest

- 3 rounds





Monday - 06:30-22:00

Tuseday - 06:30-22:00

Wednesday - 06:00-22:00

Thursday - 06:30-22:00

Friday - 06:30-21:00

Saturday - 08:00-18:00

Sunday - 08:00-18:00

Bank Holidays - 09:00-18:00

Fitness Suite is closed 14:00-16:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays during term time.

PLEASE NOTE: Last access to the pool or fitness suite is 30 minutes before closing.



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