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January membership price List Coming Soon! 

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Refer a Friend Offer 


  • The offer only applies to new members or previous members who have been inactive for at least three months. 

  • Referred clients do not have to pay any joining fee when signing up for their membership. 

  • There is no limit on the number of people you can refer while the offer is active. 

  • Only members who have been current for at least one full month can refer a friend. 

  • Only people who have been for referred will be able to redeem the 7 days along with the free fitness suite induction. 

  • To receive your free month for referring a friend, your referral must remain a current member for a minimum of two calendar months. After they have been a member for the minimum stated time, you will be notified, and your free month will be applied to your current subscription for the following month. If you have a fixed term subscription you will be allocated an extra month onto your current subscription. 

  • This offer only applies to memberships taken out with a direct debit and fixed term memberships exceeding 3 months. 

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