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Learn2 Portal


How does Learn2 work?

We have replaced paper-based registers and progress check sheets with waterproof tablets. All teachers will use these tablets to record your child’s attendance each week and mark their progression. The tablets will be synced with Home Portal over a secure wireless network at the end of each day, allowing you to keep track of your child’s progress at your leisure.



What are the advantages?

One of the main advantages of Learn2 is it enables children to be moved up a class as soon as they are ready. Under the old system your child would have to wait until a dedicated assessment week before being identified as ready to move. With Learn2 all of this is avoided. Going forward you will receive an email when your child is ready to move up. You can then log onto the Home Portal, view a list of available classes and choose the most suitable. Thereafter you will receive an email confirming the move.  

Another advantage of learn2 is continuous assessment that teachers and parents/guardians alike can access at any time. We will continue to follow the Swim England Plan for swim teaching and use Oxley’s progression markers. Alongside this you will also be able to view a percentage bar, calculating your child’s overall progress across their stage criteria.

Any achievements and badges awarded to your child post 20/05/2019 will also be recorded on the Home Portal.



What you need to do now:

Ensure that we hold up to date contact details – please check at Reception ASAP

You will shortly receive an email with a unique portal link specific to you. Clicking on the link will redirect you to a new page where you will be asked to go through a simple registration set up. Thereafter you will be able to follow the email link to sign into the Home Portal each time.  You will be asked to choose a security question from the drop down menu and type your answer in the box below. You will then need to complete the registration process by entering the email address you have provided the reception team with and creating your own password.  Please make a note of your login details for future use.

Should you not have an email address please call me on 01935 818266; however we do encourage you to create an account for your ease.



Please take note of the following:

As of 1st May, we will not be able to move any children in and out of classes and waiting lists. This is to allow for the transfer of all class and member information to the new Learn2 system. Learn2 will go live on the 20th May 2019 at which point we will resume class transfers.

As with all new systems we anticipate teething issues and ask that you are patient with our staff during this transition period. We have uploaded a list of frequently asked questions to our website that can be accessed by clicking on the following button:

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