Our instructor led studio cycling classes are some of the most popular classes we have due to the high number of calories you burn and the motivation that comes with pushing yourself harder and faster.


Studio Cycling - An exercise class focusing on endurance and strength intervals at various intensities and recovery.


Cycle and Core - Same as the studio cycling class just with a 15 minute core session at the end to provide a full body workout.


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Water-Based Classes


Aqua Aerobics - A low impact aerobic exercise in the pool to help sculpt, tone and improve general fitness.


Masters Swim - A swim session open to everyone of all abilities that want to train for specific purposes or just to improve their general fitness .


Exercising in water greatly reduces impact on joints and bones which can strengthen, protect and support you, minimising joint problems and injuries. Water also helps provide a great natural resistance meaning that without even using weights you can tone and lose weight at the same time.